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How to appeal your ban from the server. You will need to post your player name, STEAM_ID, and any other information that may assist in your appeal. Do not PM or email your appeal to an admin. You must post your appeal.

Bans are applied to the player, and not just a STEAM_ID. Do not try to circumvent a ban by switching STEAM_IDs. This will result in all STEAM_IDs you use to connect being permanently banned.

Understand that we will NOT accept any excuses that relate to another person using your STEAM account when you were banned. This is NOT acceptable and will result in a FINAL ban. Your best defense is to be 100% truthful.

NOTE: If you were TKing on the server, you were temporarily banned for 30 minutes. Go wait it out and try connecting later.

Failing to abide by the guidelines shown above will result in your appeal being IGNORED and/or DELETED.

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